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Wrought iron railings

Wrought iron fences for your home

Our regular customers, who installed in-house forged railing as a fence for home stairs, mark the fact that this forged artwork instantly changed the overall style of the whole room, the interior of the building became more elegant, refined and cozy at once. In addition to these significant advantages, forged railing on the stairs are the longest of their counterparts, the most robust, they do not burn and do not participate in the process of combustion, and if executed by professional blacksmiths with long standing experience, such as those of the company ARTMETALDECOR, they will be kept for centuries. 


Our experts will help harmoniously combine a forged fence interior with an architectural stylistics of the entire premise. We manufacture railing according to the following styles: 

  • Baroque;
  • modern;
  • classicism;
  • or any other option (the design of the sketch takes place, taking into account the wishes of the client, at the expense of the firm). 

forged balcony rails priceWhat style would you choose, remember that the presence of a forged fence in the home creates light impressions of the interior, creates a light elegance, and remains one of the strongest parts of the house. In our catalog you can choose the future design of the railing. All submitted photos are works of our masters.

A decent price for guaranteed quality

Forged interior railing in Europe is not difficult to buy and find, a wide choice of masters, forensics, companies producing them, but not all experts guarantee the quality of products they sell. Artistic forging is a complicated and responsible process that constantly requires a delicate and professional attitude. ARTMETALDECOR, with long standing practical experience, offers a complete warranty on forged railing, structural elements and their stylistic solutions.

The price for this kind of forged products consists of many factors, such as:

  • type and technique of production;
  • design and size;
  • the presence of additional parts of the pattern.

Our managers will gladly consult you on each item and calculate the approximate cost of the entire project. Specialists from ARTMETALDECOR will develop your order in detail and embody all the long standing traditional handmade experience combined with modern world art technologies. They will take into account your comments and wishes from the measurement stage to the installation of a unique, sophisticated design. 

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