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Forged interior items, furniture

The beauty of forged products, furniture in your interior

hand forged kitchen table EuropeMany people believe that iron interior items can only be used to decorate streets, cottages and country areas. However, forged furniture of modern production, made with the use of various components based on performance characteristics, are able to harmoniously combine with the interior of your living space. Glass, stone, wood, cloth and other materials may be used in the development of this type of furniture. The iron is used only for the manufacture of a frame.

The main feature of forged elements in open areas is the resistance to corrosion caused by precipitation and the ability not to lose strength properties during a long period of use. In a home room, they will last even longer, without losing their main advantages. Forged interior items are very easily to be ordered on our site.

In the catalog you will find a wide range of samples of finished products. You only need to call our managers. The professional team of ARTMETALDECOR will advise you, will come to your home free of charge and help you choose the design of the future product.

Forged decorations in everyday life

hand forged mirror frame EuropeForged products, coming out from the hammer of talented blacksmiths of our company, are undoubtedly unique and art creations that will add to your home an interesting feature and attractiveness. The fantasy of our masters is boundless and covers all the corners of the living space. We produce:

  • forged tables in the kitchen, beautiful lines and shapes of different sizes and purposes;
  • benches, for lobbies, a variety of upholstery colors, allowing them to be combined with any interior;
  • hangers, as a functional element of the building, for outerwear or as a special part of the room design;
  • Shelves of different ways of use are always well combined with significant elements indoors;
  • the mirrors, with their forged framed, elegantly complement the interior.

Forged tables and benches, Europe offers a wide range, but only a company with long standing experience and professional craftsmen, such as ARTMETALDECOR, can skillfully combine all your orders into a single stylistic range and create a real home comfort with furniture made using artistic forging. 

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